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Our Programs


QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Suicidal prevention training is a new feature offered through Jefferson County Youth Shelter. 

Troy Hedges is our certified QPR Suicide Prevention Trainer. 

For more information contact 812-265-3777.


Safe-Zone Training

The Safe Zone Project is the go-to resource for anyone looking for information regarding sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ education. 

Ken Smith II  is our in-house Safe Zone Facilitator. For questions regarding Safe Zone Training, email sheltercoordinator@jcysinc.org.



Youth As Resources

Youth as Resources (YAR) is a nonprofit grant allocating committee that enables local youth to apply for and receive grants that benefit Jefferson County. Students and adults work together in YAR to present workshops and educational opportunities for applicants to learn about philanthropy and the grant writing experience.


YAR obtains funds for distribution from its Endowment through the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County and through fundraising activities.  YAR meets on a monthly basis and is open to any young person who is committed to working together through philanthropy, for the betterment of our community.

YAR Coordinator - Jasmine Glover

TransParenting 2019



This program is court mandated classes that teach divorcing parents the skills to ease the trauma and the transition of divorce on the children involved. Parents may attend together or schedule separate class times. Each participant will receive a parenting handbook addressing many of the issues co-parenting may raise. 

coming events

Classes are from 5-9 pm

2020 schedule as follows:

February 4  Tuesday 

March 3   Tuesday 

April 7 Tuesday 

May 5  Tuesday 

June 2  Tuesday 

July 7 Tuesday 

August 4  Tuesday

September 8 Tuesday

October 6 Tuesday

November 3 Tuesday

December 1 Tuesday


Classes will be held at The Jefferson County Youth Shelter, located at 212 East St.  Madison, IN 47250. 


The cost to each participant is $50. There will be no food or drinks provided. Guests are welcome to bring in any personal snack or sandwich items. There will be two break times.

Facilitator Information

The facilitator for the course is Betty Sebree, Licensed School Counselor, with over 40 years experience working with children and families. Please contact her to pre-register for the course at 812-701-5888 or 812-273-3885. Feel free to leave a message; she will return your call.

At the completion of this course, each participant will receive a signed Certificate of Completion to document Court-mandated completion of this course as one of the steps for finalization of the divorce. Please direct any questions or concerns to your attorney or to Mrs. Sebree.